True Life: I Spent Senior Year In A Coffin-Sized Box

FIND HER by Lisa Gardner

A Review

If Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds had a seriously fucked up baby you’d get FIND HER by Lisa Gardner. And I am so into it.

Let’s set the scene for this book, shall we? Page one: a girl wakes up in a literal coffin. It’s casual. After an entire chapter of listening to this girl simultaneously freak the fuck out while also memorizing the intricate details of this box more than Chris Harrison memorizes his “pep talks” to Nick Viall, we learn that Box Girl is none other than Flora Danes, the Boston co-ed who went missing over spring break and was rescued after 472 days of captivity.

Seven years ago, Flora was all of us living her best life on spring break in Florida with her betches. Until one night she drinks too much (same, girl) and ditches her friends at the bar to go hang out on the beach alone (weird, but okay). Next thing she knows she’s waking up in a pine box, and spends the next 472 as a sex slave for a psychopath.


Cue to present day, Flora is alive and not in a pine box anymore, though she’s still living it up in clubs. But unlike in her youth, Flora isn’t at the club just to order vodka sodas and flirt with random dudes, she’s there for revenge. Victim-turned-vigilante, she now spends her nights trolling for club creeps and fucking them up before they can hurt any other girls.


When one of her creeps ends up dead at her hands, Boston detectives learn all about Flora’s bad AF extracurricular activities, and they can’t help but think she might be involved in the recent disappearances of several missing college girls. Who is Flora Danes and is she a victim or a predator?

Told through Flora’s past and present we come to learn who exactly Flora Danes is and what her role is in these missing girls’ disappearances. We also get the perspective from the lead detective on the case, D.D. Warren, which is kind of interesting but I love Flora’s chapters’ way more. I don’t know if I love or hate her, but she’s definitely some kind of psycho and I do love that.


FIND HER will legit captivate you from the very first sentence. Seriously, I dare you not to keep reading. And though the book doesn’t go into too much detail about the trauma Flora experienced at the hands of her psychopath, like Leah Remini’s new Scientology series, it’s just enough detail to keep you sickeningly fascinated.

In conclusion, if you’re into having the shit scared out of you while also reading a good fucking book then FIND HER is definitely for you. Seriously, even Olivia Benson approves.



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